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[Who we are]

Since 1970, Farinart has developed extensive grain blending know-how, incorporating the qualities of traditional methods and those of the latest technologies and processes.

Our clients can rely on our global sourcing capacity to make Farinart their single-source supplier for all their grain and flour-based needs. We create blends that combine a wide variety of grains (whole, cracked, flaked, pearled and stone milled), oil-rich seeds (flax, sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, etc.), cereals and even dried fruits, adding to the appearance, flavor, texture and health benefits of our clients’ end products. We also produce specialty flours that offer the unique flavor that can only come from stone-ground products.

There’s no challenge we don’t want to address. Drawing upon our internal and external technical support, we can not only fulfill your requests but also help you solve production problems and provide value-added products that meet your specific needs. We can also analyze any existing product and reengineer it to suit your requirements.

That’s why our grain blends and flours can be used in just about every application bakeries and food manufacturers can come up with, from bread to crackers, from muffins to side dishes.




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