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[Products and services]

With its ability to adapt and expand its processing facilities, Farinart can use an array of processes to manufacture its grain blends and specialty flours to its clients’ exact specifications.

From blending to stone-ground milling to cold milling, we rely on processing methods that have stood the test of time, as well as on newer, highly specialized processes adapted to specific applications. All our processes boast advanced systems for quality and granulation control.



The core of our processes, blending allows us to provide our clients with consistent and uniform mixes of any combination of grains, cereals, seeds or dry fruits. Thanks to the flexibility of our facilities, we can assemble up to 14 varieties of grains (and even more) in the same blend and incorporate additional ingredients to enhance its taste and nutritional value.

Cold milling

Cold milling is used for the processing of flax and other oil-rich grains. Farinart uses the latest technologies developed for this process.


Cracking is when grains are crushed or cut into smaller pieces. Some cracked grains are derived from whole grains, others from refined grains.


Hulled barley or "whole grain" barley has only the outer husk (hull) removed and is the most nutritious form of barley, since the bran and germ remain intact.


Barley kernels are polished (pearled) to remove the double outer hull and the bran layer, which also removes many of the nutrients. Polishing the kernels produces uniform, ivory-coloured granules. Like white rice, this process makes the kernels less nutritious but faster to cook.

Stone ground milling

For producing our stone ground flours we use five milling stations, each with two large, slow moving stones weighing more than 300 pounds apiece, creating very little heat while preventing nutrient and flavour loss.

Malting, soaking and other special processes

Many other process can be use to modify the grain in order to improve the taste or the texture of the final product or to make the use of these grains easier in your processing.


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